Charlotte Layec



Clarinetist of French nationality established in Montreal, Charlotte Layec evolves around different musical aesthetics combining classical music and contemporary music, and mixte music and free improvisation. Attracted by creation and new music, this musician regularly collaborates with different composers on works as soloist or in chamber music. She is particularly interested in the co-creation process inherent in the collaboration between a composer and an interpreter in electroacoustic music.

A committed and active artist on the Montreal music scene, Charlotte Layec is a founding member of several ensembles including the Trio Émerillon, the Ensemble ILÉA, the Collectif Bakarlari and the TESSE Ensemble. The clarinetist has performed in several international events and festivals including NYCEMF (USA), ClarinetFest (USA), Re-Flux (CA), Mise-En-Place (USA), FIMU (FR), Sonic Circuits Festival (USA) , TIES (CA) and Mutek (CA).