L'écoute du perdu - an opera by Keiko Devaux

World Premiere
Affiche concert L'écoute du perdu 2023 produit par Paramirabo et Musique 3 femmes


The * indicates a premiere.

Artistic direction
Keiko Devaux (composition)




This February, Paramirabo will present its first concert of the year 2023! Paramirabo will present the world premiere of L’écoute du perdu at the Fonderie Darling, co-produced by Musique 3 Femmes and co-presented by Le Vivier. This non-narrative, experimental, bilingual chamber opera features a major operatic work by Keiko Devaux, winner of the 2022 Juno Award for Classical Composition of the Year, and staging by renowned director Marie Brassard (Siminovitch Prize, 2022). Soloists Sarah Albu, Frédéricka Petit-Homme, and Raphaël Laden-Guindon will perform the work commissioned by Paramirabo, which aims to present multiple individual memories. It examines our emotional attachment to sound and the way we hold sound and music in our memories, what triggers these memories, and how we transform, distort, and ultimately recreate these fragments. Jennifer Szeto (M3F) is the musical director of this production, with texts by Kaie Kellough, Daniel Canty, and Michaël Trahan. Book your tickets now!

Prices :
Regular 40$
Pre-sale 35$
Reduced 25$

Duration : 50 min

Practical information

Darling Foundry

745 rue Ottawa
Montreal QC H3C 1R8


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