Nick Lavigne


Hi. I’m an award-winning sound designer and music maker for film and animation based in Montreal. I’ve worked on projects for Premium Sound, Poutine Studios, LEGO, Ted-Ed animation, and the Stop Motion Montreal film festival, as well as award winning feature and student films.

I’m ready to enrich the sound of your project with stand out sound design, SFX editing, music, and polish up any problematic dialogue and noisy environments which may have snuck in during production.

I’m constantly in awe of sound’s ability to add emotional depth, usually at a subconscious level, to the visuals we see on screen. It can reveal hidden layers of meaning, enhancing the film in a way the images themselves cannot. To me this is the fun, beauty, and challenge of sound for film – I’m excited to help you tell your story.


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Works in Paramirabo's repertoire

Wake Up, Mottyl
Pressure Pointing