Cèdres en voiles

Program note

Cèdre en voiles is a threnody, a lament, as it is still in use in many countries, especially in the Middle-Est and in Greece. If « cedars » (« cèdres ») evokes Lebanon, the french word « voiles » is associated with two meanings : mourning (veils, sorrow) and hope (sail, wind, energy).

The quarter-tones easely playable at the cello, are widely used through a long ascent with double-strings. It forms the main act, towards almost unbearable limits, with hourse timbres and gratings. Two other levels interrupt this progression : a laconic rhythm like an implacable march, and opening of natural harmonic sounds, very soft and sideral, becoming more and more important. 

After a transe-like sequence on one sound (open D), the summit of the threnody is followed by a last opening og harmonics sounds : an echo of the gregorian Ressurection Alleluis. Thus word « voiles » (here sail) takeshis hopefully meaning, the one of transmitting mast the strength of the wind.

This work has been written at the request of my son Emmanuel, to whom it is dedicated.

Gilles Tremblay.


Year of composition
Violoncelle /