Ces choses que l’on croyait endormies

Program note

Ces choses que l’on croyait endormies », or  »These things we thought were asleep », have been written specifically for the Ensemble Paramirabo. Through the writing process, it was my goal to use and celebrate the large expressive range of these performers, and most importantly the amazing fusion and timbre that they developed as an ensemble. Even if this work has its origins from my personal experience, I wish that listening to the music allows the listener to make links between the music and feelings or moments that they personally experienced and think back on them. We all have neglected, sometime in our life, somethings that we thought (or hoped) were asleep. Things that, on a personal, professional, social and even political, are not requiring our attention often, but that are nonetheless there, often important parts of our identity.


Year of composition
Commissioned by Paramirabo
C flute /
B-flat clarinet /
Violin /
Cello /
Piano /