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A bird, otherwise known as the kingfisher, believed to calm storms during the time of its incubation. According to legend, Alcyon's husband Ceyx is downed at sea, with his lastthought being of her and that, if he doesn't live, he may return to her after death. When his body floats back to her, out og grief she throws herself into the sea, but as she does, she is turned into a bird. In her sorrow, she flies over her husband and enfolds him with her wings. The gods take pity on them, and turn both of them into kingfishers. During the two weeks around the Winter Solstice in which the kingfishers nest and incubate their young, the weather is unusually placid, hence the term 'Halcyon Days.'

This piece was written for and commissioned by cellist Ian Hampton, for Canada Music Week, 2003. Mr. Hampton also provided the bowings. The first performance was in Langley, BC in novembre of 2003.


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