La pietra che canta

Program note

Some years ago I was in the heart of Venice and found myself in a church ornamented with magnificent monuments erected to the memory of famous artists and great princes. However, on the floor of a small chapel I discovered a simple stone tablet with the inscription: Claudio Monteverdi 1567—1643. The humility of this tomb profoundly moved me and, indeed, seemed only to increase the spiritual presence of the composer in that place. It was as if a music was emanating from that stone, an “interior music”, a music for the spirit. Thus the idea for this work for the Trio Fibonacci came to me. The presence of the instruments on the stage together with the electronic music sets up an interaction between two modes of perception: real—imaginary, from near to far, in time and space. The work is dedicated to the Trio Fibonacci.

- Serge Provost


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