... le sifflement des vents porteurs de l'amour...

Program note

The title, ''... The Whistling of the Winds Bearers of Love ... '' is a quotation from the Spiritual Canticle XIV by St. John of the Cross.

The theme of this work is wind, physically and spiritually (pneuma, spiritus). Its presence forms the music - breath, through the pureness of silence : frozen states, fringes of existence, warmth that melts and fertilizes in multiplied and endless plays and possibilities (''... bearers of love... '').

In addition to this verse, two '' presences '' must be mentioned - the winter (moment of composition) and the fascinating idea of the first moment of the Resurrection (see the melodies Resurrexi and of the Alleluia of Easter in plainchant).

The experiments, especially with the various pitches of the flute's '' whistle tones '', were particularly stimulating and useful.

The work is dedicated to my mother, and also to the musicians who gave the premiere, Robert Cram, flute and Ian Bernard, percussion.

Gilles Tremblay


Year of composition
C flute /
Crotales /
Cymbale chinoise /
Gong d'opéra chinois /
Tam-tam /
Bell tree /
Bongo /
Toms /
Grosse caisse (orchestre) /