Sur les rives de...

Program note

Varanasi, ancient city of India, is built entirely on the left bank of the Ganges. The other bank is completely deserted. A boat ride on the sacred river reveals the stark contrast between one bank, historical, civilized and complex; and the other, natural, sparse and raw.

Inspired by this image, the piece travels from one bank to another; from 'cultural' melodic material to purely 'organic' material, represented by the pebbles.

Sur les rives de was composed in 2011 for Aventa's IgNITE! Composer Worskhop in Victoria (BC) then revised in 2012 for Ensemble Paramirabo.


Year of composition
C flute /
Piccolo /
Bass flute /
B-flat bass clarinet /
Violin /
Cello /
Piano /
Ride cymbal /
Cymbale crash /
Cymbale splash /