Territoire #2

Program note

This piece is part of a series entitled Territoires, which began with Territoire #1, Autour de l’île de Baffin – Passage du Nord-Ouest [Around Baffin Island – Northwest Passage]. This series is unique in my body of work for its freer structure, nearly without constraints, since it involves drawing inspiration freely from a defined sonic territory and traversing it in all its diversity. With concrete mimicry of the territory covered by Bus #12’s route as a starting point, an internal, completely imaginary and virtual journey is to be taken. This evening, you will hear the introductory part of Territoire #2. To clearly render the perceptible variation in distances, timbres, depths, and more, I decided to use an “idée fixe”, the bus, and organize the piece with successive episodes, contrasting brief sonic sequences. However, this way of elaborating the form was not necessarily systemic.

Overall, Territoire #2 aims to question viewpoint and perception, or how the listening angle transforms ways of hearing the sonic environment.

I would like to thank DCS’s Technical Director, Richard McKenzie, for his help in fashioning the DIY FSM electronic apparatus; as well as the members of Ensemble Paramirabo for their artistic, musical, and financial support in completing this project, along with composer James O’Callaghan for the technical support.

- Charles-Antoine Fréchette


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Commissioned by Paramirabo

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