Program note

In this three-movement piece, the singers – present vocally only in the second movement – represent two aspects of a single personality undergoing a process of fragmentation. The two outer movements framing this central movement draw inspiration from the personality traits of the characters embodied by the singers in the two other pieces presented at the premiere of (un)done: the first is inspired by the self-assured, adventurous, uninhibited character in Les Sept crimes de l’amour (Georges Aperghis) and the final movement is inspired by the erratic, insistent, urgent character of the mad king (Peter Maxwell Davies, Eight Songs for a Mad King). In this way, the piece explores the evolution of altered perception, a loosening grasp on reality, a kind of emotional unravelling, a symbolic “coming undone”.


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Commissioned by Paramirabo
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C flute /
B-flat clarinet /
Violin /
Cello /
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