Waiting, the blissful agony of

Program note

“The concept behind this work was inspired by a short Ukrainian folksong which so elegantly and succinctly explores the state of waiting for someone much longed for. It is a complex mixture of conflicting emotions, which gives a great sense of meaning and poignancy to the simplest elements of one’s life. It is a state characterized by obsessive creation of many scenarios, both positive and negative, but always extreme. The image of weeping willows swaying in the wind inspired the structure of the piece. Thoughts of wind and breath were very much on my mind. Fragments of the folksong melody are constantly replayed and reworked, and the first four lines of poetry are obsessively repeated in three languages.

I would like to thank composer Florent Ghys for translating the poetry into French. The English translation is my own.”

- Anna Pidgorna

Хилітеся, густі лози,
Звіткіль вітер віє!…
Дивітеся, карі очі,
Звіткіль милий (мила) їде!…
Хилилися густі лози,
Та вже й перестали…
Дивилися, карі очі,
Та й плакати стали.

Bend, O, bend, you thick willows,
From where does the wind blow?
Watch, O, watch, you brown eyes,
From where will your beloved come?
Bent, and bent, the thick willows,
And then fell still…
Watched, and watched, the brown eyes,
And began to weep.


Year of composition
Commissioned by Paramirabo
Flûte en sol /
Clarinette basse en sib /
Violon /
Violoncelle /
Piano /
Vibraphone /

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