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Doublespeak was written for eighth blackbird for the Music Now! festival in Cincinnati, in honor of Philip Glass’s 75th birthday. The composer writes:

«My mission in writing the piece was twofold: first, to write 8bb the most fun piece possible for them, at just the right length. The second was to in some way tip my hat to Philip Glass, whom I admire broadly and deeply. eighth blackbird have played so much fast, loosely repetitive music over the years; I wanted to refine this kind of material into its purest, most delicious form and point back to the ’70s, when classical music perfected obsessive repetition. The piece begins by applying an additive process to a small cell on the solo violin. This is the defining gesture of the piece and is subject to much variation. Occasionally, the busy textures give way to drones played by the soprano recorder, under which we begin to hear chords from Philip’s insanely beautiful Music in Twelve Parts (1971-1974). The piece unfolds in similar episodes: fast music offset by slow, melancholic memories of the music of the late 1960s and 1970s (aren’t those the intervals from Violin Phase? Was that a cell from In C?). Towards the end of the piece, the language of Music in Twelve Parts becomes more dominant and gradually overtakes all the busy material and the piece ends in a stylized dream-state.»

Source : Eighth Blackbird


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