Les trois diables

Notes de programme

Programmatic aspect: This work is based on the Québecois fairy tale “Les trois diables”, as told by Paul Stevens. The link to the full text is the following: http://touslescontes.com/biblio/conte.php?iDconte=524 
Concert performance: Movements I to VII. Movement VIII should be inserted in between other movements. It cannot be played before I nor after VII. Movement VIII may also be omitted. 

Staged performance for children and for educational concerts: Narration integrated between each movement. Movement VIII and excerpts thereof should be played as a background to the narration. During every narration the player continues Movement VIII from the previous cut off point and starts again from the movement’s beginning when the music finishes. Integration of mimes, actors and powerpoint projection as budget allows. 

Fairy tale summary: The main devil convinces Richard’s alcoholic wife to sell him her soul. An angel offers three gifts to Richard: 1) a magic chair, from which no one can stand unless given permission by Richard; 2) a magic violin, which, when played, forces everyone to dance until given permission to stop by Richard, and 3) a magic bag from which no one can escape unless given permission by Richard. Each one year and one day a devil comes and tries to leave with the wife’s soul and Richard manages to trick each devil with the angel’s gifts. When the wife dies, she goes to hell and when Richard dies, he goes to Heaven. However, he cannot live without her and goes to the underworld to save her. Exasperated, the devils let her go, together with another 100 souls. 

Children’s adaptation of the fairy tale: The wife sells her soul not for alcohol, but for candy. Nobody dies, but the evil forces attack the family. The powerful love between Richard and his wife repels them and both continue to live happily. 

Montréal, QC, Canada 
August – October 2017 

I – L’ivrogne vend son âme au diable The drunkard sells her soul to the devil 

II – L’ange offre trois cadeaux à Richard The angel offers three gifts to Richard 

III – Le premier diable et la chaise magique The first devil and the magic chair 

IV – Le deuxième diable et le violon magique The second devil and the magic violin 

V – Le troisième diable et la poche magique The third devil and the magic bag 

VI – Les époux combattent les forces de l’enfer The spouses battle the forces of hell 

VII – L’amour vainqueur Love victorious 

VII – Mouvement mobile Movable movement 



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