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Notes de programme

Occasionally there are moments when one is observing something familiar and suddenly through a twist of perspective, an errant thought, or just blind chance, the familiar suddenly seems to shift, becoming something else, something startling, or strange, or even beautiful. It may be the tiniest piece of the whole now seen out of its context, or some familiar perspective now seen within a new context, or simply a change of attentional focus that changes everything, but in all these cases the object being observed becomes something else.

Visual artists have played with these notions for nearly a century, but in that context the reconceptualizations and reinterpretations come more from the perceiver than the artist. Music, though, with its unique ability to alter time and attention can explore these notions as process and form: revealing here a bit of something, then taking it away, placing each thing in the desired context and giving it the desired perspective: A journey through a landscape where the terrain and landmarks are constantly shifting, but still recognizable, and where the line between found object and composed material becomes meaningless.

The piece is dedicated to Philippe Hurel and the Ensemble Court-Circuit.


Année de composition
Flûte en do /
Clarinette en sib /
Violon /
Violoncelle /
Piano /
Grosse caisse (orchestre) /
Thundersheet /
Cymbale chinoise /
Tam-tam /
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