Stygian Pulse

Notes de programme

“Stygian pulse” refers to a chronic throbbing pain in my left shoulder and neck that I have been
experiencing for over ten years. It is shapeshifting in its colour and intensity and even its sonic
properties, but most days it is an inky, dark, and dull recurrence. The normal medical routes for
pain relief have proven ineffective beyond a temporary period.

While the pain doesn’t majorly inhibit any of my daily activities, my inability to alleviate it has
created a sort of “settling:” the pain has become mundane, foreverhere – unpredictable in its
exact rhythm or temperament, but with a certitude that it will return, beating darkly. As a feature
of my body for over a third of my time on Earth, I’m quite sure it’s here until the end. My
stygian pulse – tiny focused outbursts until I die.


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